Stellar Talismans

Venus in Pisces - Success in Business and Investing Ring


"If under the influence of Venus, you make an image of three people holding each other, in the hour of Venus, in a crystal, and whoever carries this image will be fortunate and gain profit from merchandise" - Picatrix (Greer, Warnock pg. 108)

While Venus was exalted in Pisces, this ring was made using the above electional criteria from the Picatrix and the spirit was petitioned for profit in business and investing. A 10mm cabochon was engraved with the image of three people holding each other using a diamond-tipped stylus and set in a sterling silver base, this talisman has the makings of a great ally for financial matters.

The engraving was completed during the time stated in the associated chart image and the talisman and its engravings were suffumigated with rose and saffron. A piece of saffron was also placed under the stone and the talisman has only been handled while wearing gloves.

Size US 8

*Disclaimer* I do not guarantee the above or any results from my talismans though there are many clients of mine from around the world that are happy with their results. I also cannot resell talismans because they bind to the owner and because of this, I cannot offer returns, refunds, or exchanges.