Stellar Talismans

Jupiter is Pisces Talisman Pre-Order


2021 provides several optimum opportunities for creating Jupiter is Pisces talismans.

It's said Jupiter talismans are "to gain and riches, favor and love, peace and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honours, dignities, and counsels; and dissolve enchantments..." Three Books of Occult Philosophy Book II, Chapter 22

Pisces is said to promote "mystic, poetic, intuitive, and empathetic" qualities Three Books of Occult Philosophy Book II, Chapter 61

In combination, it's reasonable to conclude that Jupiter in Pisces talismans can help one gain favor, friendship, and riches through mystical, religious, and spiritual activities specifically, among other delineations.

Pre-ordering a Jupiter in Pisces talisman is perfect for those looking to ensure they don't miss this opportunity and to have their talismans made at the moment of the election. It also has the added benefits of making you first in line for receiving one this season and provide a small discount to help me source the needed materials.

Rings will be set in sterling silver with the appropriate sigil of the planetary intelligence of Jupiter from Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

The expected Delivery is around June of 2021.

For details and custom inquires, please message