Stellar Talismans

DIY Jupiter in Pisces Talisman Kit


2021 provides several optimum opportunities for creating Jupiter is Pisces talismans.

It's said Jupiter talismans are "to gain and riches, favor and love, peace and concord, and to appease enemies, to confirm honours, dignities, and counsels; and dissolve enchantments..." Three Books of Occult Philosophy Book II, Chapter 22

Pisces is said to promote "mystic, poetic, intuitive, and empathetic" qualities Three Books of Occult Philosophy Book II, Chapter 61

In combination, it's reasonable to conclude that Jupiter in Pisces talismans can help one gain favor, friendship, and riches through mystical, religious, and spiritual activities specifically, among other delineations.

For those looking to participate in the intimate experience of creating their own astrological talisman, you can purchase a kit of curated and quality materials to help create and support the ritual for your own Jupiter in Pisces talisman this season. 

The kit will include:

A diamond-tipped engraving stylus for fine etching

Incense: Storax and Cloves

A peacock eye feather

Palmstone for engraving (your choice of amethyst, aquamarine, or carnelian)

A 30min consultation around an optimal Jupiter in Pisces election for your location and image to use for its desired magical effects


These materials have been selected based on their presence in traditional sources like Three Books of Occult Philosophy and Picatrix.